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Business Communication for Digital Analysis- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Communication for Digital Resource Analysis. Answer: In the current economy, there are high uses of different communication skills due to the new inventions in technology. The new emergence in technology has made it easier for companies and corporates to communicate frequently with their employees and clients at the organization. At present research has proved that about ninety-percent of managers operate and promote their business products at the marketplace through social media interaction such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook among others (Dreher, p 3, 2014). Again, because technology is highly increasing, all managers in the business sector must also design new methods in interacting with their employees for effective services to the clients at the organization. In my discussion, I am going to discuss the relevance of using an internal intranet for efficient talks with the workers at a corporation (Gritzalis, et al, p 6, 2014) As a company dealing with a large number of customers, it is vital that the current social media platform is highly applied to have attainable results in terms of services and products offered. The consumers, for example, will be in a position to socialize with employees at the company and make their orders at any time. Further, at the workplace, social media is greatly important in that several information collected by the company from their clients to improve the corporate awareness and its responsibilities to the society. In essence, the impact of this 21st-century mode of interaction has become so pervasive to the business departments thereby growing in addressing matters affecting the organization for work to run smoothly. Additionally, the employees use the social media in determining the new updates and opportunities present at the offices where they work, that is to say, by regular use of internet interactions, everyone at the organization is updated on the adjustments made i n ensuring smooth operations of the business activities. According to Bondarouk et al, p 10 (2014), most employees in the offices today use social media to integrate their matters and share important knowledge concerning their daily business and company programs. Ideally, they also design a group page where they will receive information on the policies of the business, how to reach a large number of potential customers and news on the recruitment strategy of new workers for the company. For the group to protect their information, their leader must create a password in which only the authorized personnel shall operate the account. The people in the group must also ensure that they allocate positions irrespective of an individuals gender or race. Through close interaction, the staffs will have an upper hand in obtaining companys information and share their interests in meeting their desired needs at the company. In having such an open discussion throughout the organization by the Human resource personnel and the staffs, the enterprise will g reatly increase their productivity level thereby maintaining high competition in the market with other business companies. Therefore, different sectors at the corporate must apply their own mode of communication to other members such as websites, newsletters or emailing. This is easy and will enhance future interactions with active customers following the collaborations and announcements of urgent memorandums. The consumers will get information on their promotions and discounts on some products at the end of the working period as a way of encouraging more transactions with their clients. To be at the forefront of the marketplace, managers should give regular education and training to the employees. For instance, by recording a live video and posting to their social websites on the topic of discussion making them get prepared for the meeting (Leftheriotis Giannakos, p 10, 2014). On the other hand, despite social media being used by the employees of an organization and the society as a whole, the managers in those enterprises need to perform their work in accordance with the law under communication act commission. There is a labor law under the Labor Act Relations that allows employees to express themselves through social media that the administration must respect. The selected sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook among others must be used appropriately in communicating business related work to the clients and other audience. It will avoid the mistreatment of junior staffs and the coworkers at the workplace. By use of personal laptops and iPhones the employees will also disclose the irregularities that might be present at the organization to reach the top management for example if they are working in an unhealthy environment and under pressure (Cao, et al, p12, 2016). In conclusion, an effective communication exists at a company when both the top management and the junior staffs come into an agreement based on the business activities of the organization. Therefore, for regular interactions and clarifications of each employee social media can be used in disclosing each duty. The employees will get encouraged and have passion at the workplace through receiving regular updates and promotions at the company. References Bondarouk, T., Rul, H., Axinia, E. and Arama, R., 2014. What is the future of employer branding through social media? Results of the Delphi study into the perceptions of HR professionals and academics. In Social Media in Human Resources Management (pp. 23- 57). holar?hl=enas_sdt=0%2C5q=Bondarouk%2C+T.%2C+Rul%2C+H.%2C+Axinia%2C+E.+and+Arama%2C+R.%2C+2014.+What+is+the+future+of+employer+branding+through+social+media%3F+Results+of+the+Delphi+study+into+the+perceptions+of+HR+professionals+and+academics.+In+Social+Media+in+Human+Resources+Management+(pp.+23-%0957).+btnG= Cao, X., Guo, X., Vogel, D. and Zhang, X., 2016. Exploring the influence of social media on employee work performance. Internet Research, 26(2). Available at Dreher, S., 2014. Social media and the world of work: A strategic approach to employees participation in social media. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 19(4). Fuchs, C., 2017. Social media: A critical introduction. Sage. holar?hl=enas_sdt=0%2C5q=+Fuchs%2C+C.%2C+2017.+Social+media%3A+A+critical+introduction.+Sage.+btnG= Gritzalis, D., Stavrou, V., Kandias, M. and Stergiopoulos, G., 2014, March. Insider threat: enhancing BPM through social media. In New Technologies, Mobility and Security (NTMS), 2014 6th International Conference on (pp. 1-6). Available at 2014%20Insider%20Threat%20BPM.pdf Leftheriotis, I. and Giannakos, M.N., 2014. Using social media for work: Losing your time or improving your work? Computers in Human Behavior, 31. Available at

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Assess the importance of addressing environmental free essay sample

The importance of addressing environmental issues for a construction project that will benefit the community and local construction firms is vitally important on everyone’s agenda; it will help firm’s reputation with the local community and authority massively. This can be from using locally sourced materials e. g.materials that can be used without any bad effect on the environment, and which are produced locally, reducing the need to travel. There are key criteria that can be used to judge whether a material is sustainable or not: To what extent will the materials used in this building cause damage to the environment when using locally sustainable materials it is essential that those materials are renewable, non-toxic and safe for the environment. Ideally, they will be recycled, as well as recyclable. To what extent will a building material contribute to the maintenance of the environment in years to come, Alloys and metals will be more damaging to the environment over a period of years as they are not biodegradable, and are not easily recyclable, unlike wood, for example which is both biodegradable and recyclable. We will write a custom essay sample on Assess the importance of addressing environmental or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page To what extent is the material used locally replenishable, if the material is locally sourced and can be found locally for the foreseeable future, travelling will be kept to a minimum, reducing harmful co2 fuel emissions. It is also important to communicate clearly with any contractors you use in order to ensure that they use locally sustainable materials. It is possible to specify in the contract that you require the use of locally sustainable materials. Make sure that contractors are not wasteful with materials and do not buy more than they need. A list of suppliers and contractors who use locally sustainable materials can be found easily on the internet. If your local council support sustainable building they will hold information on suitable suppliers and contractors. Another technique that can have a huge affect on how sustainable the construction project can be is energy based techniques, A reduction in energy is something that should be easy to tackle; selecting the most efficient ways, using sustainable energy sources like the sun, wind, etc. Appliances are now rated according to their efficiency – even homes have energy performance assessments – so appliances A most efficient to G least efficient. Low energy lighting is now easily available and specified for many areas in shops and factories low energy lighting is required under building regulations. Air leakage tests and the use of thermal ratings for building materials allow buildings to be less wasteful of energy. Energy efficient boilers for heating water and homes, for example condensing boilers, reduce the use of finite resources such as gas, and oil. Pollution is something that is on everyone’s agenda when it comes to a new construction project, the local community and authorities will be eager to understand how the environmental team/designer will tackle these issues these can steam from things like prevent erosion and run-off, minimise land disturbance and leave maximum vegetation cover. Control dust through fine water sprays used to dampen down the site. Screen the whole site to stop dust spreading, or alternatively, place fine mesh screening close to the dust source. Cover skips and trucks loaded with construction materials and continually damp down with low levels of water. Cover piles of building materials like cement, sand and other powders, regularly inspect for spillages, and locate them where they will not be washed into waterways or drainage areas. Use non-toxic paints, solvents and other hazardous materials wherever possible. SUD’s is a sustainable drainage system designed to reduce the potential impact of new and existing developments with respect to surface water drainage discharges. The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires new developments and redevelopments in England and Wales to have drainage plans for surface runoff approved by the SAB where the construction work would have drainage implications.

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Slaves Who Built the White House

Slaves Who Built the White House It has never been a closely held secret that enslaved Americans were part of the work force that built the White House and the United States Capitol. But the role of slaves in the building of great national symbols has generally been overlooked, or, even worse, purposely obscured. The role of enslaved workers had been so widely ignored that when First Lady Michelle Obama made reference to slaves building the White House, in her speech at the Democratic National Convention in July 2016, many people questioned the statement. Yet what the First Lady said was accurate. And if the idea of slaves building symbols of freedom such as the White House and Capitol seems odd today, in the 1790s no one would have thought much of it. The new federal city of Washington would be surrounded by the states of Maryland and Virginia, both of which had economies that depended on the labor of enslaved people. And the new city had to be constructed on the site of farmland and forests. Countless trees had to be cleared and hills had to be leveled. When the buildings began to rise, massive amounts of stone had to be transported to construction sites. Besides all the grueling physical labor, skilled carpenters, quarry workers, and masons would be needed. The use of slave labor in that environment would have been seen as ordinary. And that is probably why there are so few accounts of the enslaved workers and exactly what they did. The National Archives holds records which document that the owners of slaves were paid for the work performed in the 1790s. But the records are sparse, and only list slaves by first names and by the names of their owners. Where Did the Slaves In Early Washington Come From? From the existing pay records, we can know that the slaves who worked on the White House and the Capitol were generally the property of land owners from nearby Maryland. In the 1790s there were a number of large estates in Maryland worked by slave labor, so it would not have been difficult to hire slaves to come to the site of the new federal city. At that time, some counties of southern Maryland would have contained more slaves than free people. During most of the years of construction of the White House and Capitol, from 1792 to 1800, the commissioners of the new city would have hired about 100 slaves as workers. Recruiting the enslaved workers may have been a fairly casual situation of simply relying on established contacts. Researchers have noted that one of the commissioners responsible for building the new city, Daniel Carroll, was a cousin of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, and a member of one of Marylands most politically connected families. And some slave  owners who were paid for the labor of their enslaved workers had connections to the Carroll family. So its conceivable that Daniel Carroll simply contacted people he knew and arranged to hire enslaved workers from their farms and estates. What Work Was Performed By Slaves? There were several phases of work that needed to be done. Firstly, there was a need for ax men, workers skilled at felling trees and clearing land. The plan for the city of Washington called for an elaborate network of streets and wide avenues, and the work of clearing timber had to be done fairly precisely. Its likely that owners of large estates in Maryland would have had slaves with considerable experience at clearing land. So hiring workers who were quite competent would not have been difficult. The next phase included moving timber and stone from forests and quarries in Virginia. Much of that work was probably done by slave labor, laboring miles from the  site of the new city. And when the building material was brought to the site of present day Washington, D.C., by barges, it would have been transported to the building sites on heavy wagons. The skilled masons working on the White House and Capitol were probably helped by tending masons, who would have been semi-skilled workers. Many of them were probably slaves, though its believed that free whites and enslaved blacks worked at those jobs. A later phase of construction required a considerable number of carpenters to frame and finish the insides of the buildings. The sawing of large amounts of lumber was also likely the work of enslaved workers. When the work on the buildings was finished, its assumed that the enslaved workers returned to the estates where they had come from. Some of the slaves might have only worked for a single year, or a few years, before returning to the enslaved populations on Maryland estates. The role of the slaves who worked on the White House and Capitol was essentially hidden in plain sight for many years. The records existed, but as it was an ordinary work arrangement at the time, no one would have found it unusual. And as most early president owned slaves, the idea of slaves being associated with the presidents house would have seemed ordinary. The lack of recognition for those enslaved workers has been addressed in recent years. A memorial to them has been placed in the U.S. Capitol. And in 2008 CBS News broadcast a segment on the slaves who built the White House.

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Structural Frame of Leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Structural Frame of Leadership - Assignment Example Since teaching staffs are the most important employees in an educational organization, their responsibility to maintain this discipline is greatest. The teachers must enforce and exhibit productive, ethically acceptable activities. If formal rules, policies, and procedures are provided to the teachers, they can manage their responsibilities better since ambiguity regarding division of labor will be controlled. Rules, policies, and procedures will act like guidance for the teachers. Since the beginning of human civilization, corruption has been a significant problem. Corruption in the form of bribery, espionage, theft, forgery, etc. can be seen in modern day organizations as well. However, if accountability is enforced onto the management of an organization, they will be compelled to handle their subordinates in more responsible manner. Accountability helps to foster transparency. Education is a process that involves evolution of human mind. If a structural frame is rigidly imposed on the educational system, the necessary room for innovation and experiment will be lost. And this will be a colossal loss for the schools, since schools are like the laboratories of education and ethics. However, a certain degree of structured approach is necessary for the schools too. Structural frame, when applied to a school, can define the hierarchic relationships better and help to resolve conflicts among peers by setting up clearer codes of